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Tuttle Land Investments is a privately-owned family company with almost 20 years of impressive experience in real estate investment. Our company searches the markets in central and south Florida for tracts of raw, undeveloped land in various stages of development to purchase. In addition, we acquire tracts of distressed land for example; environmental issues, challenging rezoning issues, difficult sellers, wetland issues or small and fragmented pieces.

TLI has successfully completed 16 deals valued at $185,000,000.00 and are actively working on 15 more with anticipated closings of $165,000,000.00. We utilize our exceptional experience and proven team of consultants to remedy any existing land issues and then “up-zone” the property to its highest and best use. For example, we may take agricultural land and rezone it for residential or commercial use. Another scenario may include acquiring four to five smaller parcels and assemble them into a larger single property before again “up-zoning” the property to a higher density or commercial use.

Our vision is to multiply the value of anything we acquire and leave behind. To bring economic success in the areas we pursue development and to serve the community’s needs. We strongly pursue up and coming areas and bring in healthy density to help sustain a flourishing and thriving community.